Strategic Program Management can make a difference

Experience in over $100 billion of engineering & construction mega-programs provides a proven framework for assessing and improving program delivery

Do your mega-projects cost more and take longer than you can afford? Are owner and contractor execution teams delivering on your strategic business outcomes producing the capital efficiency you require? 


Two thirds of all large engineering and construction projects significantly under perform, exceeding budgets and schedules approved as part of final investment decisions by 20% or more.

But, if you prepare your organization, plan your project right and ensure strong, continuous alignment around your strategic business objectives, it doesn't have to be so. The challenges of today's mega-projects are largely management and organizational. At Strategic Program Management we can help you improve the performance of today's and tomorrow's mega-projects.

We focus on delivering capital efficiency

​Ensuring all the levers that influence project outcomes are being pulled is essential for success

We wrote the book on Strategic Program Management

​Delivering today's mega-projects requires a broader and deeper focus on the levers of capital efficiency

Focus on Success

Delivering Capital Efficiency

Strategic Program Management

Achieving capital efficiency in large capital construction programs is an imperative for today's owners. At Strategic Program Management we'll help you achieve your Strategic Business Outcomes and deliver the improved capital efficiency today's mega-projects and large capital asset portfolios require.